CARL ROBINSON BRAND

           explores texture, pattern, scale and the

                                       natural beauty of the material



capture the light REFLECT the beauty The NATURALLY REFLECTIVE SURFACE of the substrate is softened by opaque texture overprints, creating a matte and shine effect - see EDITION 5
Inspired by the inherent beauty of antique textiles and produced in Lake Como, Italy, these special silk wallcoverings pay homage to the preservation of tradition and the centuries of knowledge passed down through generations of Italian artisans.

Luxurious embroidery threads are meticulously applied to the finest European non-woven substrate to create a truly unique wallcovering design. Created with state of the art technology, the embroidery needles are individually controlled to retain the handcrafted, one-of-a-kind look to the pattern. Sophisticated shapes, metallic threads and the attention to detail make these pieces truly unique and special.

Printed with water-based inks on non-woven paper sourced from well-managed renewable forests and recycled resources.
Carl Robinson wall art papers strive to capture the inherent and sometimes hidden beauty of our everday landscape and design objects of times past. The designs are images that will tell the stories of yesterday in today’s interiors.
Choose from an array of unique and elegant textiles. Timeless designs are enlivened by Carl Robinson’s modern vision for the new classic interior. The result is luxurious printed and woven fabrics that are the perfect compliment to sophisticated wall-coverings.
Design is in the details. Carl Robinson edition 7 & 11 adorn delicate feathers and classic motifs with SWAROVSKI® ELEMENTS.
Beautifully screen printed beads adorn the surface of Carl Robinson's signature designs. -see Edition 12
"Each design is artistically rendered, individually hand screen printed and finished to a beautiful product"
The natural textured surface of a real cork substrate interacts with the silver metallic ink to create a look of natural glamour. The beautiful surface is then adorned with an overscale medallion design in a matte-finish for contrast and drama.

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